5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using EMail marketing

Email marketing encompasses everything from newsletters to coupons, delivering real-time data straight to willing recipients’ virtual mailboxes. If you are looking for fresh new ways to market to your customers and recruit new customers, you should consider email marketing. Here are five reasons why:

You simply get better results. When it comes to marketing effectiveness, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Statistics show that email marketing consistently outperforms direct mailing, yielding returns as high as five times the return offered by a direct mailing campaign.

Email marketing allows you to advertise specifically to your customers. Email marketing provides for you the ability to customize your messages to each recipient, creating a personalized feel for your campaign. This type of flexibility is proven to be effective at increasing response rates, and you can’t get that through direct mailing.

Save money on print marketing expenses when you go paperless. Email marketing allows you to skip the printing and mailing processes, saving your business money on graphic design, paper, postage and handling. Additionally, think about the number of direct mail advertisements that are tossed in the bin without a second thought. That’s money down the drain, especially when you consider the much higher likelihood that your email will be opened and read.

You are able to track your results with email marketing. Very few other marketing methods provide for real-time information about your campaign’s success. With email marketing, you’ll know exactly how many of your emails were opened and read and how many recipients clicked on the link to your site. This puts you in the position to make immediate changes, if necessary, so as to tailor your email marketing campaign for optimal effectiveness.

Email marketing is fast. Not only is it possible to create and launch an email marketing campaign in a relatively quick period of time, but you also see fast turnaround times. Statistics show that eighty percent of your responses will occur within the first three days of sending your email, compared to three weeks using traditional direct mail.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is largely dependent on the quality of the campaign variables.

If you are interested in building an emial list for your business and then utilising the power of email marketing contact us to discuss your options

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