Can Google Adwords Generate Visitors To Your Cardiff Business?

Google Adwords is Google’s advertising system that allows you and your Cardiff Business, to place ads on Google’s search engine pages and, if you choose, on the Google Display Network.  This means that the ads you place on Google may be viewed by as much as eighty-six percent of all Internet surfers!  Those are some statistics that can’t be argued with.  When targetting local search terms, eg. “Cardiff Accountant”, “Mot Cardiff”, “Best Indian Restaurant Cardiff” etc.,   Adwords is relatively inexpensive. It is easy to set up, and its pay per click (PPC) advertising structure allows you the freedom of setting and changing your marketing budget and approach as needed.  It’s no doubt that marketing through Google Adwords is efficient and cost-effective, but what is it about Google Adwords that makes it such a successful marketing tool?  This is how Google Adwords generates traffic to your business:

The keywords feature of Google Adwords allows for direct targeting of your intended market.  When you create an ad on Adwords, you are asked to choose keywords to associate with your ad.  This means that your ad will show on the Google search results page whenever Internet users run a search using your keywords.  Therefore, you are able to reach the people in your geographical area who are looking for your product or service, increasing the likelihood of them clicking on your ad.

Choosing to place your ads on the Google Display Network exposes your business advertisement to Gmail users, Google Groups members, Google Product Search users, people viewing web pages of a number of corporate entities, including Virgin Media and, and visitors to over one million smaller websites.  That is a lot of exposure.

Google Adwords offers its users free traffic tools to help you, the business, develop effective ads, choose the optimal keywords, and identify the best ways of targeting your specific market sector.

The reports feature of Adwords lets you know, on a real-time basis, how well your ad is performing, and when you place an ad with Google Adwords, you have the option of altering your ad, pay per click (PPC) budget, and market targeting routes as you see fit to increase the effectiveness of your ad.

There is no other way to reach as many people on the world wide web than to place an advertisement with Google Adwords, and apart probably from Facebook advertisng, no other marketing media allows you to pinpoint your consumer market and target your ads to prospective customers quite the way Google Adwords does.  If you are ready to take your business marketing to the next level and want to discuss how Adwords can help your Cardiff Business, contact us, for an inital discussion

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