How to Set Up a Google Adwords Account For Your Business In Cardiff

Google Adwords is a cost-effective advertising system that allows you to reach up to eighty-six percent of the online community.  Your business can make great leaps in establishing a strong online presence by learning the ropes of Adwords and, fortunately, Google has made the process simple and straight-forward.  If you are interested in advertising via Google Adwords, follow these tips for how to set up a Google Adwords account:

Sign up for a Google Adwords account.  Go to the Adwords homepage and click on “Start now.”  You will be prompted to choose a username and password for your account.  You may then link to your existing Google account to sign in, or you may create a Google account if you don’t already have one.  You do not have to have a Google account when signing in, but you must be able to associate your account with an already existing email address.

Create an Adwords advertisement.  Sign into to Google Adwords and click on the “start campaign” button.  You will then be prompted through the four steps of creating an Adwords campaign:

Target Customers.  Choose the language and locations you want to market to.  You may choose from countries, regions or custom parameters as you want to define them.

Create Your Ad.  This is where you write the text of your ad and choose your keywords.  Make sure to choose keywords that are directly associated with your ad’s intention.  If you need help deciding on which keywords or phrases to use, consult the Adwords Tips page.

Set Pricing.  You must let Adwords know which currency you want to use for billing and payment.  This is also where you set your daily budget (which Adwords will not exceed), and your maximum cost per click (CPC).  Adwords offers some tools to help you decide, and lets you play around with the CPC figure in order to see how it affects your budget.

Sign into your Google Adwords account.  If you completed these steps in order, you should already have an Adwords account and can go straight to the next step.

Provide the billing information you want Adwords to use.  It is not required that you enter your billing information in order to set up an Adwords account, but your ad will not run until you have entered the necessary information.  You have options to prepay or postpay but, either way, Google Adwords will verify your payment method before running your ad.

Google Adwords is a great way to develop a broad customer base and to control your ad’s content and performance.  If you decide to advertise on Google’s network via Adwords, you will be pleased to find that the account set-up process is fast and easy.

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