Is Google Adwords More Effective Than Yellow Pages ?

The Yellow Pages was a decades old stand-by for people looking for businesses that cater to their specific product or service desire. Those heavy books also made great paper weights, door stops and fly swatters!

Unfortunately for the Yellow Pages, the age of technology ushered in a new customer prototype.  These customers won’t settle for anything but the utmost in convenience, speed, and having a multitude options at the touch of a key. Virtual media has taken over, and the Yellow Pages are taking a back seat.  When it comes to business advertising, there is a new player in town: Google Adwords.  And it’s here to stay.

If you are wondering why or how your business would benefit from giving the Yellow Pages the boot and jumping on the Adwords campaign trail, read over this list of reasons for why using Google Adwords is better than the Yellow Pages:

Cost-effectiveness.  Google Adwords is a fairly inexpensive marketing medium.  Moreover, you only pay for your advertisement when someone clicks on it.  With a Yellow Pages ad, you pay the same amount, no matter who sees it (or doesn’t see it).

You control your daily budget.  Google Adwords allows you to set your daily budget and change it at will.  The Yellow Pages charges a hefty fee, upfront and annually.

There is no extra charge for customizing your Adwords ads to different searches.  There is no option for customization through the Yellow Pages, unless you want to pay full rates for each separate advertisement.

Google Adwords allows you to alter your ads as you see fit, and as often as you see fit.  Don’t like the way your Adwords ad is performing?  Simply go into your account and change your ad and/or who you target it to.  When you place an ad in the Yellow Pages, that ad stays the same for the entire year.

These days, most people search online when they want to find a product or service provider.  Yellow Pages use is slowly phasing out in favour of the technological front.

As you can see, it just doesn’t make sense for your business to spend money on a Yellow Pages ad when a Google Adwords ad is all-around more cost-effective and successful at putting your message in front of more potential customers.  In today’s fast-paced consumer market, the only way your business will keep up is to step up to the Internet marketing plate.  Google Adwords is the best way to do that.

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