Email Marketing Tips For Your Cardiff Business

Online Marketing for Cardiff Businesses

Email Marketing Tips For Your Cardiff Business


Comply with the CAN-SPAM act. This policy outlines some strict guidelines when it comes to what you can and cannot legally do with your email marketing. Always be straight-forward and honest in your subject and header lines. Customers don’t like feeling like they’ve been tricked into reading an email, and the law is on their side.

Get permission. Only mail to people who have opted-in, then tailor your email campaigns to their specifics. Always give readers a chance to opt-out, and honor opt-out requests in a timely manner.

Create a targeted mailing list. If you use your website to generate interest in your mailing list, you can also ask customers to answer a few questions about how they want to be marketed to.

Develop long-term relationships with recipients. Sending out regular, succinct messages to keep in touch and stay fresh in customers’ minds is much more effective than blasting them with a huge email irregularly.

Give your recipients something besides a solicitation for business. Part of building trust and earning customer loyalty is to offer something of value each time you send a message. Be sure to include a useful or interesting bit of information along with each promo you send. That way, recipients who aren’t necessarily in the market for your product or service at that time will still feel they are getting something useful from your emails.

Focus on the words. Many email programs filter out graphics. Ensure your customers are able to read your messages by using flat text and hyperlinks.

Marketing to email recipients is much different than other forms advertising. The customers control the experience, and the customers get to tell you – the business – if, when and how they want to receive your marketing message. Therefore, respect for the customer’s preferences is of utmost important to the success of any email marketing campaign.  If you would like to discuss an email campaignh for your business please contact us

Pros & Cons of EMail Marketing

email marketingEmail marketing is becoming an increasingly popular way for businesses to up their marketing ante  and is often met with great success. If you are considering using email marketing for your business’s promotional needs, you should learn as much as you can about this form of marketing in order to decide whether or not it’s the best fit for you and your business. A good place to start is here, with this break-down of the advantages and disadvantages associated with using email marketing.



Low cost. Launching an email marketing campaign could cost you considerably less than a direct mail campaign, as it allows you to forgo printing, postage and handling expenses.

Faster turnaround times. Email marketing tends to incite much faster response rates – up to ten times faster than that of a typical direct mail campaign.

Ease of creation and implementation. You can literally have your email marketing campaign designed and launched in less than one day.

Flexibility in tailoring your campaign to customer specifics. Email marketing allows for you to customize your email messages in order to create the most personalized marketing experience possible.

Adjustability. Being able to track receipt of email, number of emails opened and read, and the amount of recipients who clicked on your business’s link from your email allows you to make timely changes to your email marketing campaigns in order to improve their efficacy.


Difficulty sending emails through blocks. These blocking devices may be in the form of internet service provider protocol, firewall programs and webmail systems that label and filter out unrecognized senders as spam or junk mail.

Unreliable graphics delivery. Because different email programs view graphics differently, you have little control over how the creative aspects of your email advertisement is displayed once it is delivered.

Response decay. Email recipients tend to be most interested when they first opt-in to receive your messages, and get less engaged over time. This equates to a dwindling effect when it comes to response rates.

As you can see, there are many things to consider when it comes to the not-so-old question, “To email, or not to email?” Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages and how they may or may not be stacked in your favor, an email marketing campaign is only as successful as the quality of its design and execution. If you would like to discuss email marketing and whether  it would be beneficial to your business please contact us

5 Reasons Why Your Business Should Be Using EMail marketing

Email marketing encompasses everything from newsletters to coupons, delivering real-time data straight to willing recipients’ virtual mailboxes. If you are looking for fresh new ways to market to your customers and recruit new customers, you should consider email marketing. Here are five reasons why:

You simply get better results. When it comes to marketing effectiveness, the proof is in the pudding, so to speak. Statistics show that email marketing consistently outperforms direct mailing, yielding returns as high as five times the return offered by a direct mailing campaign.

Email marketing allows you to advertise specifically to your customers. Email marketing provides for you the ability to customize your messages to each recipient, creating a personalized feel for your campaign. This type of flexibility is proven to be effective at increasing response rates, and you can’t get that through direct mailing.

Save money on print marketing expenses when you go paperless. Email marketing allows you to skip the printing and mailing processes, saving your business money on graphic design, paper, postage and handling. Additionally, think about the number of direct mail advertisements that are tossed in the bin without a second thought. That’s money down the drain, especially when you consider the much higher likelihood that your email will be opened and read.

You are able to track your results with email marketing. Very few other marketing methods provide for real-time information about your campaign’s success. With email marketing, you’ll know exactly how many of your emails were opened and read and how many recipients clicked on the link to your site. This puts you in the position to make immediate changes, if necessary, so as to tailor your email marketing campaign for optimal effectiveness.

Email marketing is fast. Not only is it possible to create and launch an email marketing campaign in a relatively quick period of time, but you also see fast turnaround times. Statistics show that eighty percent of your responses will occur within the first three days of sending your email, compared to three weeks using traditional direct mail.

Keep in mind that the effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is largely dependent on the quality of the campaign variables.

If you are interested in building an emial list for your business and then utilising the power of email marketing contact us to discuss your options

Tips to Running a Profitable Adwords Campaign For Your Cardiff Business

Online Marketing for Cardiff BusinessesIf you have taken the decision to advertise your Cardiff  Business with Google Adwords.  Great! You have entered the exciting, world of Internet marketing through the web’s largest search engine.  When you place an ad through Google Adwords, you are optimizing your business exposure exponentially when compared to other marketing methods like direct mail.

Google Adwords has the capability to reach eighty-six percent of all Internet users!  No flyer or television commercial can offer that.  Now that you’ve decided to swing those statistics in your favor, you need to execute your campaign.  Make the most out of your Adwords marketing by following these tips to running a profitable Adwords campaign.

Set some clearly identified goals.  If you want to increase your click rate, focus on adding appropriate keywords, and more of them, and add specific target group designations.  Adwords offers its users free tools to help you choose the best keywords possible.  If you are more interested in improving your Return on Investment (ROI), make sure you have the best placements possible for your ads, then turn your attention to your website.  Your landing page is what will either convert clickers to customers, or turn them away, so you need to make sure those who click on your Adwords ad aren’t put off or disappointed when they reach your website.

Organize and manage your Adwords account in a way that ensures maximum productivity.  Create separate campaigns for each product or service you want to advertise, rather than lumping them all together.  This will enable you to more specifically target your ads.  Avoid using duplicate keywords across the ads, as Google only displays one ad per customer at a time.

Create strong, effective ads.  Spread your keywords throughout the text in a way that reads as natural to the reader.  Keep your message simple and straight-forward; Choose a few things that you feel make your offering stand out above comparables and focus on those.  Include a strong call to action that will incite readers to an immediate response.  Be specific about what they should do to proceed when they reach your landing page.  Experiment with the wording and placement of your ads until you get it right.

With a Google Adwords marketing campaign, optimization of your ad does not have to equate to increased cost, but it does mean that you will have to invest your time, consideration and effort toward creating and implementing your optimal ad campaign.  Fortunately, with Google Adwords, you control the experience.  Guarantee your campaign’s effectiveness by following these tips and if you would like some help click here to contact us.

Is Google Adwords More Effective Than Yellow Pages ?

The Yellow Pages was a decades old stand-by for people looking for businesses that cater to their specific product or service desire. Those heavy books also made great paper weights, door stops and fly swatters!

Unfortunately for the Yellow Pages, the age of technology ushered in a new customer prototype.  These customers won’t settle for anything but the utmost in convenience, speed, and having a multitude options at the touch of a key. Virtual media has taken over, and the Yellow Pages are taking a back seat.  When it comes to business advertising, there is a new player in town: Google Adwords.  And it’s here to stay.

If you are wondering why or how your business would benefit from giving the Yellow Pages the boot and jumping on the Adwords campaign trail, read over this list of reasons for why using Google Adwords is better than the Yellow Pages:

Cost-effectiveness.  Google Adwords is a fairly inexpensive marketing medium.  Moreover, you only pay for your advertisement when someone clicks on it.  With a Yellow Pages ad, you pay the same amount, no matter who sees it (or doesn’t see it).

You control your daily budget.  Google Adwords allows you to set your daily budget and change it at will.  The Yellow Pages charges a hefty fee, upfront and annually.

There is no extra charge for customizing your Adwords ads to different searches.  There is no option for customization through the Yellow Pages, unless you want to pay full rates for each separate advertisement.

Google Adwords allows you to alter your ads as you see fit, and as often as you see fit.  Don’t like the way your Adwords ad is performing?  Simply go into your account and change your ad and/or who you target it to.  When you place an ad in the Yellow Pages, that ad stays the same for the entire year.

These days, most people search online when they want to find a product or service provider.  Yellow Pages use is slowly phasing out in favour of the technological front.

As you can see, it just doesn’t make sense for your business to spend money on a Yellow Pages ad when a Google Adwords ad is all-around more cost-effective and successful at putting your message in front of more potential customers.  In today’s fast-paced consumer market, the only way your business will keep up is to step up to the Internet marketing plate.  Google Adwords is the best way to do that.

Click here if you would like to discuss how Google Adwords can help your Cardiff business