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Tips to Running a Profitable Adwords Campaign For Your Cardiff Business

If you have taken the decision to advertise your Cardiff  Business with Google Adwords.  Great! You have entered the exciting, world of Internet marketing through the web’s largest search engine.  When you place an ad through Google Adwords, you are optimizing your business exposure exponentially when compared to other marketing methods like direct mail. Google […]


Is Google Adwords More Effective Than Yellow Pages ?

The Yellow Pages was a decades old stand-by for people looking for businesses that cater to their specific product or service desire. Those heavy books also made great paper weights, door stops and fly swatters! Unfortunately for the Yellow Pages, the age of technology ushered in a new customer prototype.  These customers won’t settle for […]


Marketing Your Cardiff Business on the Internet

If you have a business in Cardiff  you will no doubt be aware that marketing on the internet is now crucial to the success of your business. In the past, SEO or search engine optimization was the main process you had to concentrate on to ensure your website appeared at the top of the search […]