Things To Consider When Choosing An EMail Marketing Service

One of the benefits of email marketing is that it is cost-effective and relatively easy to implement, provided there are so many email marketing services out there competing for your business. But, how do you know which service is right for you when they all claim to be the best? The answer is in the details, and it is those details that could make or break your next email marketing campaign. This is why choosing the right email marketing service is so important:

You are responsible for the legality of your email marketing campaign. This means that, even though you are paying a service to handle your email marketing, you are responsible for ensuring your ads fall under the guidelines of the CAN-SPAM act. If you can’t trust your email marketing service to follow government policy when it comes to designing and distributing your ads, it could end up costing you thousands of pounds in fines, not to mention your business’s reputation.

You need to be able to track the effectiveness of your email marketing campaigns. Many email marketing services provide valuable information pertaining to your email messages, including how many were received and opened, and how many recipients clicked on the link in your message, some don’t.

You should be able to create targeted mailing lists easily. Choose an email marketing service that will allow you to upload mailing lists from your contacts list, rather than type them all in individually. Also look for a feature that enables you to create separate groups inside of your mailing list, specific to different market targets.

You don’t want to get stuck in a long-term contract before you know exactly what an email marketing service can do for you. Be sure to choose a company with flexible contract terms, especially in the beginning. It will take some time for you to learn what works for you and what doesn’t, and also for the email marketing service to prove that they can stand behind their claims and provide what they promise.

Email marketing software with a user-friendly interface is important. You do not want to have to add a technical support specialist to your staff just to be able to upload your contacts list into the email marketing company’s software. Look for software with a simple, navigation panel design that makes accessing company features and using customer tools easy even for a computer novice.


Remember that there are a lot of choices out there when it comes to email marketing. Do not be in a rush to decide before you’ve done ample research, and do not settle for less than what your business needs to be successful. Contact us if you would like to discuss an email campaign for your business

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